What will a Website Cost?

Every client is different and every client wants a different level of involvement in the design and layout of their site. Some clients start with a complete branding package and others are starting from almost a clean sheet. It has been surprising the number of clients who do not have access to the original artwork for their brand and rely on poor quality jpg and gif files that do nothing to promote their image.

Website Address (URL)

If you already have a website address - that's great but if you don't we can help you get one either by guiding you through the purchase process or you can let us buy it on your behalf. As we buy quite a few addresses we get a discount that we are more than happy to pass on to you.

Website Hosting

We design and build website, we don't have a "server farm" to host the site on. If you already have your site hosted with a hosting company we can look at the charges and the service you are getting and may be able to suggest a better value for money hosting service. If you haven't got a host for your website we can offer you some alternatives for you to choose from - it is your choice (not ours) because you will be paying the monthly fee for hosting.

Laptop computer open on users lap

Website Design and Development

Pictures and Graphics

Images, pictures and graphics on web pages are copyrighted; many websites are built using images copied from other websites - We do not steal other peoples work. Any pictures or images we use are either given to us by the client because they own the copyright or we buy them from a stock photograph company (they are not expensive). We own the copyright for any artwork we create for you but we freely assign that to you for your exclusive use in your business both on the web and in print.

Be part of the online world

All prices quoted below are for guidance only and  
exclude vat that will be charged at the standard rate.

Be part of something special

It costs less than you think

One page website

£ 250
  • One Page Website
  • Contact Form Included
  • Fully Responsive
  • Fully Optimised
  • Social Media Links

Home Page*

£ 150
  • We will meet with you and discuss what you want to achieve with your website. From that "brief" will will design and develop a first draft website that we will make available to you online so that you can review it for the overall layout and design. Once the general design is agreed will will incorporate the content that you supply.

Additional Static Pages*

£ 70 / per page
  •  Static Pages are are pages that contain simple text, links and pictures only. For example an about us page, a page of contact details or product information. For more than five pages the cost per page is reduced to £60 per page.

Interactive Pages*

£ 70 / per page
  •  Interactive pages include contact forms (where the information collected is emailed to an address of your choosing) and "find us" google maps linked to your premises. We would recommend that any form should have no more than six fields.

* Guide prices only. Prices will vary depending on the complexity of the site design required and the amount of source material available.

Mobile Responsive

We make your site look good on both the big screen on PCs and on the small screen of mobile phones!

Great for most websites.

Most companies websites work very well with a mobile responsive configuration. But there are exceptions like photographers, pubs and restaurants but we have a solution. 

Mobile only sites

Where responsive sites don't meet your needs there is the option of two types of "mobile only" pages that mobile phones will automatically be routed to.

  • A copy of the main site but with reduced graphics.
  • A specialist mobile optimised site.

Ideal for Tradesmen and Mobile Businesses

Ideal for tradesmen (plumbers and electricians) where the person search may want immediate contact because of an emergency. Also perfect for businesses that visit the customers premises (dog grooming or mobile hairdressers).

Click to Call Button 

A "click to call" button is presented on the first page so if the client needs to contact you immediately they don't have to look for your contact page or make a note of your number - they can just click to call.

Up Front Menu

Visitors are presented with a user friendly Menu that gives them immediate access to key information without the "long scroll" needed on some responsive sites.