Responsive but a long way to scroll

Responsive sites do have a disadvantage

Mobile friendly websites

Most websites that are built today have a "responsive" layout that will make your website be visible and useable on devices other than PCs and Laptops. Your site will be useable on tablets and smartphones but for some people this does not produce the best results. You may be presented with the whole of your website on a mobile phone but to use it you have scroll down and down see the whole page as a very, very long and thin page. Not the most user friendly of presentations. 

You have taken the trouble to create a rich and informative website that then gets condensed into something that is really unusable. If you are running, for example, a restaurant you need to consider what a mobile phone user wants from your website. They want a limited amount of information and they want it now! They do not want to swipe down and down your website looking for your phone number. They want to quickly find out when you are open. They want a website that is constructed specifically for mobile phones.

Image of a gold iPhone with blank screen
image of a gold iPhone with a mobile only menu displayed

Mobile specific websites

To meet the needs of these customers Websites Designed 4U has partnered  with Web4Fones Solutions to deliver separate specialised websites that are designed specifically for mobile phones. Special code built into the main website detects that the user is looking at the site using a mobile phone and automatically switches them to the mobile site.

This specialised presentation of your website is initially more like an "app" than a website giving you a clear menu and quick access to the information your visitors need. Included in this initial presentation is an on screen "Click to Call" button that allows visitors to connect with you immediately. These specialist websites are ideal for tradesmen and mobile businesses giving potential customers immediate access.

If you are interested in adding one of these mobile sites to your existing site you can either contact us using our contact form or contact Web4Fone Solutions direct on their website.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project

Figures from Google show that 40 percent of mobile phone users will leave a page if it does not load within 3 seconds, To combat this Google has created an open-source technology Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). 

By using this new technique it is possible to provide content rapidly on mobile devices. Google wants to ensure that page load speed is increased on mobile devices.

If you would like to know more then click on this AMP information link or if you are on a mobile get the AMP version of the page. If you need to deliver information fast to your customers Websites Designed 4U are commited to using all the tools available to achieve that for you. 

AMP Project animated gif